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Aquatic, cardiovascular training that uses the element of water to enhance the resistance and strength of the human body. In addition to the usual benefits of any exercise, the use of water in combination with aerobic exercise reduces the risk of injury to the joints or muscles, thus allowing a greater range of motion.

Body Sculpt

It is a fitness technique whose main objective is to reinforce in a hybrid way the cardiovascular and muscular aspects of the organism.


A high-intensity functional training class where you will test your strength, endurance, agility, and coordination. An excellent option to burn body fat and tone your muscles.


Do your cardio in less time. High-intensity training by time intervals, an ideal method to oxidize fat and at the same time improve performance, in general terms to gain maximum benefits in the least possible time.


Strengthen your glutes, abdomen, and legs. This activity focuses on the lower limbs and central area, obtaining multiple benefits in both health and aesthetics. Ideal training to improve stability, movement coordination and at the same time minimize the risk of injury!


Suspension training with your own weight that challenges your balance and resistance focusing on the abs, legs, and arms.

Total Body

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Functional Training

Entrenamiento Funcional fundamentado en la biomecánica del cuerpo, con distintos ejercicios de explosividad cardiovascular, para mejorar la capacidad de reacción, equilibrio, fuerza , resistencia, tonificar músculos y pérdida de grasa.


Set of various Martial Arts disciplines in which the Athlete creates self-confidence, Security, Strength, Endurance, Coordination, Ability, and Self / Mental Control.

Muay Thai

Thai boxing where we use all eight limbs, fists, elbows, knees, legs, plus some sweeps and projections.


It teaches you to fight standing up, punch, dodge, and protect yourself from blows. You will also gain speed, and skill with your fists.


It's an aerobic exercise that is practiced on a stationary bike, its main benefit is to strengthen the heart and strengthen the lower body, buttocks, thighs, calves, and abdominals.


Es un ejercicio aeróbico que se practica en bici estática, su principal beneficio es fortalecer el corazón y fortalecimiento de la parte inferior del cuerpo, glúteos, muslos, pantorrillas y abdominales.


It's a physical activity that is mainly associated with cardiovascular and muscular benefits, improves coordination, stimulates memory and concentration.


Clase explosiva que nos va a llevar a un reto mayor en cuanto a la frecuencia cardiaca , en esta sesión sacaremos a ese guerrero que todos lo seres humanos llevamos dentro , una clase enfocada en el trabajo aeróbico y de resistencia , diferentes estilos de artes marciales coreografiadas , el objetivo de esta clase es la quema de calorías, tonificación muscular y explosividad adaptable a bajo o alto impacto.


It's an aerobic class, where the focus is above all in the coordinative part and the objective is to burn calories. It is challenging because people who do not know how to dance will learn movements and o apply the motor/coordinative part.


Balance muscle asymmetries, optimize your silhouette, and improve balance, coordination, and breath control. Pilates works muscle flexibility and strength. The exercises also help to awaken the awareness of the body.

Vinyasa Yoga

It's a form of Yoga where we basically coordinate the breath and movement of the body in a series of sequences with postures that are performed in a way that you flow in tune with your breath. A very dynamic class, we will work strength, elasticity, resistance, and balance, connecting with ourselves and ending up full of energy.

Power Yoga

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Ashtanga Yoga

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